An Easy-to-use Solution for Managing a Growing Construction Business

Are you a growth SME struggling with your current construction management system that is limiting and inefficient? You started with one of the few basic solutions available in the market but as your business grew your system no longer serves your needs? 123worx is a solution just for you. It is an integrated system that will allow you to easily migrate your current data to 123worx without any interruption to your business. 123worx will grow with you as with your business grows.

Complete Solution

Besides the specialty software such as design, 123worx is the only software companies will need for project management, business management, collaboration management and productivity tools.

Easy to Use

Easy to learn and easy to use. If users can use Microsoft Office, they can use 123worx. Get started with minimal guidance and training. Learn as you use with our intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Single Data Entry

An Integrated system eliminates the need for repeated data entry. Users only need to enter data once. Data will be available all throughout the application – from contacts to estimating, specifications, selections, change orders, budget, project management and accounting. For example, once client information is entered in the system, the information is available in sales, estimating, project management and warranty with a single click leading to increased efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Integration

123worx seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and its suite of powerful applications; Word, Outlook, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive. 123worx also allows integration with other leading edge, off the shelf construction and business applications

Affordable Solution

123worx offers a tiered pricing based on the number of users and the functionality requirement of each user. You only pay for what you use. You can add or delete users at any time as your business and needs change.

Custom and Secure Configuration

Fully configurable graphical user interface. You can configure each user’s access to data and functionality based on their role and security protocol. Each user can configure their view for quick access to the screens they use the most for increased productivity.

Device Compatibility

123worx is does not require a special device to use. You can use a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or mobile device. Being a cloud application, there is a higher level of security offered by the cloud.

No IT Infrastructure Requirement

No expensive servers and switches or other IT infrastructure costs to support software applications when using 123worx. You only need an internet connected device such as a laptop or tablet and subscription to 123worx to start managing your projects and the entire business. 123worx will provide support for its products.

Experience the Power of 123worx