Innovative Construction Project Management Software

Powerful Construction Project Management Software improves the productivity of your teams and drives impressive new efficiency. Here’s how.

Job Estimates

Our Construction Project Management Software provides estimators access to estimate templates, which a user can create based on the past estimates, making it simple to create new estimates . The ability to quickly see previously completed project estimates and compare this with the actual cost drives informed decision-making on new estimates while dramatically improving your profitability. Our estimation feature of the Construction Project Management Software consistently delivers over 98% accuracy on the actual costs of all projects. This coupled with integrated data and workflow seamlessly transition estimates to the tendering process when ready. Built-in collaboration tools make it easy to work with engineers, architects, owners, contractors, subcontractors, and government departments

Job Costing

Job costing is at the heart of 123worx Construction Project Management Software. 123worx uses integrated data and an extensive database for material selection and costs down to the last nail. It allows the user to provide accurate and fast job costing.



Construction Project Management Software
Construction Project Management Software

Job Scheduling

The success and failure of every construction project depends on the way the schedule is managed. 123worx Construction Project Management Software has a powerful and easy-to-use job scheduling feature. It only takes a few clicks for a project manager to modify, adjust and edit the schedule based on the actual progress. Company executives and clients get a real-time view of the project progress. Auto workflow and integrated systems allow for automatic dispatch scheduling.

Service & Warranty Management

Service and Warranty management are integrated with the rest of the project management functionality. 123worx Construction Project Management Software allows for easy creation and management of work orders and service contracts. It maintains an accurate historical record of service work including a record of all the combinations along with the documents. All the service work feeds automatically into warranty management.

Change Order Management

Integrated data and automated workflow make change order management a breeze. 123worx Construction Project Management Software automatically updates all the components affected by the change with a single click of mouse. It generates an automatic communication to all the affected parties including contractors, suppliers and trades. It also provides the financial summary of actual benefit or loss of each change order to the business.

Submittal & Tender Management

Integrated data and integrated collaboration tools bring the required information to the architects, engineers and trade partner consultant’s fingertips making submittal and tender management super easy.

Construction Project Management Software
Construction Project Management Software

Finish Material Selection Sheets

123worx provides the ability to store and access data from the database with few mouse clicks that helps in choosing the color, style, and materials for all the selections. User has the option to dig deep and see the full specification of each and every selection. 123worx allows construction businesses to offer their client informed decision making by offering them the option to instantly see photos and video of each selection in different colors, styles, and price ranges. Each selection is updated with associated cost, providing clients real-time costs differential. This helps clients fine-tune their selection and make quick and informed decision.

Consolidated Project Schedules

Filterable schedule grid showing 5 days ahead tasks by projects for a quick overview and project management.​

Supplier & Trade Partner Management

123worx goes way beyond the usual supply chain management. It provides tools to identify the service provider’s workload with resource leveling, so that the right supplier or trade partner is selected for a particular job to maintain the quality of service. Supplier rating system allows construction companies to build their database of best suppliers and trade partners based on the past performance leading to better productivity and working relationship.

Resource Leveling

Live grid with all active trade partner tasks allowing control over resources, color-coded limits for company resource levels.

Construction Project Management Software
Construction Project Management Software

Vendor Order Management

Live data for all projects – request for proposals, purchase orders and vendor credits.

Client Order Management

Live data for all projects – change orders, invoices and client credits.​

Other Important Project Management Features
  • ​Site workplace safety management
  • Contract management
  • Permit management
  • Project information
  • Project dates
  • Commission
  • Financial payment schedule
  • Activities
  • Meetings
  • Registry
  • Checklists
  • Tender document
  • Requests for information
  • Routes
  • Client proposals
  • High-security mobile site management
  • In-project communication and collaboration
  • Purchase orders
  • Work orders
  • Request for proposals
  • Vendor credits
  • Change order
  • Client credits
  • Invoices
  • Site inspections
  • In project Document Library
  • Notes
  • Safety inspections and incident reporting
  • HR management
  • Reviews

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