​In the dynamic landscape of construction management software, choosing the right construction management platform can significantly impact the success and efficiency of your projects. Today well look at two key platforms 123worx Vs Procore in the market. Both platforms offer a full suite of features aimed for construction management but for cater to the different audience based on the company size and their specific requirements.

In this comparison of 123worx and Procore blog we will go beyond simple feature by feature comparison as they are misleading due to the lack of standards for the features name and its functionality. We will look at the differences and similarities, strong and week points, pros and cons, target audience, price structure, flexibility, and ease of use between two platform.

Weather you are a small and medium size construction business looking for a cost effective and easy to use system or you are a large enterprise client, this blog will help you make an informed decision based on your organizations requirements.

Introduction – 123worx Vs Procore

123worx a best alternative to Procore is a comprehensive construction management software platform designed to streamline project workflows and optimize operations for small and medium-sized construction businesses. 123worx is an all-in-one solution that provides all the functionality needed to run construction business. This includes Contact Management, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Collaboration Management, Accounting Interface, and Daily business management with an easy-to-use interface. 123worx is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The base package comes with all the features in the software. Users can add additional users as needed and will only be charged for the features utilized by each specific user.

Procore is a top tier construction management platform, that caters to medium to large enterprises and construction firms. It is known for its comprehensive suite of features and an extensive list of third-party integrations. Procore addresses numerous construction challenges by harnessing the expertise of third-party solutions, albeit at a cost of increased complexity and expense. While its robust functionalities render it the go-to option for complex projects and extensive operations, its focus on the enterprise sector entails higher costs and long time for onboarding and setup, in contrast to some all-in-one solutions available in the market.

Let’s compare the core attributes of both platforms, to help understand the best suited software for your business. We will compare attributes such as key features, target market, price, ease of use, customization, flexibility, scalability, mobile app and responsiveness etc.

Platform Differences – Procore Vs 123worx

Procore offers a comprehensive project management software platform, but users must pay to enable specific features they require. Additionally, Procore provides integration with numerous third-party software making it a flexible solution for larger companies. While users can access data in Procore through these integrations, they must subscribe separately to the third-party software.

On the other hand, 123worx is an all-inclusive software solution that comes with all the features necessary for small and medium-sized businesses. Not only does it provide all the features for efficient project management, but it also supports client management (CRM), collaboration tools and day-to-day operations. This encompasses features like Knowledge Base, Company Processes, Drawing Packages, basic HR Tools, and more, all built into the platform.

Target Market – Who Should Use And When?

Procore is best suited for construction companies with 20 to 1000 plus users. It serves all sectors of construction and can be used for almost any construction project, but it is best suited for large residential buildings and commercial projects.

123worx a Procore alternative is best suited for construction companies with 2 to 100 users. It is best suited for small and medium size residential and commercial construction companies. This incudes organizations focused on custom homes, semi-custom homes, spec homes, high end renovation and remolding, design build companies, general contractors, and builders. It is also a great fit for specialist contractors such as demolition companies, excavation companies and concrete and medium size landscaping commercial companies.

User Interface and Ease of Use – Procore Alternative

123worx’s user interface (UI) prioritizes ease of use, particularly for construction workers who may not be tech-savvy. Its design, reminiscent of Microsoft’s interface, ensures a familiar and intuitive user experience, leveraging the widespread familiarity with Microsoft applications for quicker adaptation. It comes loaded with configuration for small and medium business, user can add new configuration items as needed. This allows user to start using the basic software in an hour.

Procore offers comprehensive software capabilities, providing in-depth control over data and features. However, this complexity can compromise ease of use. With sufficient training, users can navigate Procore more comfortably.

Customization and Flexibility – Alternative To Procore

As the largest construction management software globally, Procore offers a degree of system configurability to meet client-specific needs. For larger clients, this customization process can span several months to ensure the system closely aligns with their processes. However, as a leading software provider, Procore may not offer the level of customization that entails any design or coding modifications.

Conversely, 123worx is crafted with the understanding that each client’s processes and each user’s needs are distinct and small and medium size customers don’t have the resources to change their process train their staff. It offers a highly flexible configuration setup for data access, user interfaces, menus, and screen layouts, allowing customization at both the company and individual user levels. As a smaller and more agile company, 123worx also provides the unique service of developing custom features for its higher end medium-sized customers, for an additional fee, thus offering an extra layer of personalized service.

Price – Which is Pocket Friendly?

Procore’s pricing model is based on the specific features and functionality required by the user. It offers basic project management capabilities, but any additional features come at an extra cost. Furthermore, should users require functionalities available through third-party integrations, this can significantly increase the overall price of the software.

While this model offers users a wide range of options, the costs associated with purchasing third-party software can accumulate quickly. Procore’s pricing strategy also varies with the client’s revenue, however this not an issue for larger projects as they can absorb the software costs more easily. However, this model can be financially burdensome for medium-sized businesses and often unaffordable for small businesses. Additionally, Procore charges a substantial one-time fee for setup and onboarding. Procore offers annual contract that renews every year for 12 months.

In contrast, 123worx presents an all-in-one solution where access to all features is included without additional costs, making it a more straightforward and economical choice. The basic package offers comprehensive functionality for up to five users. Any extra users can be added for a modest monthly fee, which is tailored to meet the user’s specific needs.

123worx stands out for its cost-effectiveness, providing features comparable to Procore’s, alongside greater flexibility, all at an entry-level software price point. 123worx also offers annual contract that changes of monthly contract after first year.

Scalability – 123worx or Procore

Procore is a robust and thoroughly tested software, proven effective on large projects. It boasts scalability, capable of adapting to increases in both user count and project volume.

On the other hand, 123worx offers scalability tailored for small to medium-sized companies, accommodating anywhere from 2 to 100 users efficiently.

Mobile App of Both Platforms – Procore Alternatives for Small Business

Procore offers a comprehensive Mobile App that provides all the necessary functionality for onsite project management in commercial projects. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the Procore Mobile App caters to the needs of commercial project managers.

Similarly, 123worx’s mobile app offers all the essential functionality required by project managers in small and medium-sized residential and commercial companies. It is also accessible on both iOS and Android devices. 23worx app also provides the option to utilize the full application on tablets like the iPad as long as it has internet access.

Setup and Onboarding – Procore Competitor

To provide flexibility and adapt to organization’s processes, Procore requires thorough configuration, which may take a significant amount of time. Some organizations may need several weeks to months to fully configure their processes.

In contrast, 123worx comes pre-set for the processes commonly used by most small and medium-sized construction businesses, allowing for immediate use for several features. Additionally, there is an option to modify these processes to precisely align with the organization’s specific business processes.

A Detailed Feature Comparison of 123worx Vs Procore


123worx Procore
Platform Supported (from Capterra)    
Web Based Yes Yes
iPhone App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Windows App No No

Typical Customers

Small Business Yes  No
Mid-Size Business Yes Yes
Enterprise  No Yes


Phone support Yes Yes
Online support Yes Yes
Knowledge base Yes Yes
Video Tutorials Yes Yes

Free Demo System (from Capterra)

Online hands-on trial Yes No


Free trial available No No
No credit card required Yes Yes
Free account Yes No
Subscription based Yes Yes

Feature Comparison (from Capterra)

Time Sheet Management Yes Yes
Multiple Project Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Residential Yes Yes
Project Tracking Yes Yes
Change Order Management Yes Yes
Purchase Order Management Yes Yes
Budget Tracking Yes Yes
Document Management Yes Yes
Subcontractor Management Yes Yes
Mobile Access Yes Yes
Accounting Integration Yes Yes
Commercial Yes Yes
Task Management Yes Yes
Project Management Yes Yes
Capterra Review Rating 4.5 5

Other Features

Request of Information (Bid Management) Yes Yes
Progress Billing Yes Yes
Submittals Yes Yes


Customer Relationship Management Yes Yes


Client Portal Yes Yes
Subcontractor Portal Yes Yes
Mobile Alerts Yes Yes
Email Tracking Yes Yes
  Yes Yes

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options Yes Yes

Data Policy

Data Backup Yes Yes


Procore Vs 123worx – Which is Best for You?

Procore is renowned as one of the most robust construction management software platforms, primarily tailored for larger businesses. However, it comes with a high price tag, requires extensive time for configuration and setup, and demands a longer training period to master its functionalities.

On the other hand, 123worx stands out as a leading construction management software platform specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Notably, it offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Users can begin utilizing some of its features within an hour.

Moreover, 123worx excels in onboarding and support, earning top ratings in user reviews.