Innovative Construction Business Management Software

In addition to the heart of 123worx, its Project Management feature, the platform offers an all-encompassing solution to seamlessly handle your day-to-day business operations. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple software – with 123worx, you can efficiently manage both your projects and non-project-related tasks in one place. Enjoy the convenience of accessing all your business data from a single platform, eliminating the need for double entry or data transfer. With 123worx Construction Business Management Software, streamline your small or medium business processes and focus on what matters most, driving growth and success.

Construction Business Management Software

Lead Management (CRM)

Experience seamless lead and sales management with 123worx’s advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution tailored specifically for small and medium-sized construction businesses.

  • Comprehensive Tools: Utilize essential construction management features such as Document Library, Estimating, Scheduling, RFPs, RFIs, Client Proposals, and communication tracking.
  • Streamlined Sales Cycle: Empower your team to manage the sales process from lead to contract signing efficiently.
  • Effortless Data Transfer: With a single click, transfer all data generated during the sales phase to your project data, eliminating redundancy and double entry.
  • Intuitive Features: Stay organized with lead tracking, communication logs, reminders, and customizable dashboards.
  • Seamless Transition: Ensure smooth transitions and maintain continuity between sales and project management phases.
  • Growth and Confidence: Take control of your sales pipeline and drive business growth with confidence.

With 123worx construction business management software for small and medium business, take control of your sales pipeline and drive business growth with confidence.

Construction Business Management Software

Document Management for Small/Medium Size Business

Discover unparalleled document management capabilities with 123worx’s Company-Wide Document Library.

  • Effortless Document Handling: Save, edit, and retrieve documents within seconds, eliminating document chaos and saving valuable time.
  • Clear Organization: Keep project documents separate from company-wide files, ensuring clarity and organization.
  • Dedicated Libraries: Each project or lead is equipped with its own dedicated document library for focused management.
  • Centralized Directory: Manage day-to-day business documents such as financials, contractor agreements, insurance certificates, and supplier price lists in a centralized location.
  • Versatile Document Management: Handle any type of document, including photos, videos, and PDFs, with ease and efficiency.
  • Microsoft 365 Integration: Edit, create, and collaborate on Word, Excel, and other Microsoft 365 documents directly within the 123worx platform.
  • Customizable Access Controls: Dictate who can view specific documents, ensuring maximum security and control over your data.

With 123worx, manage your documents efficiently and securely, streamlining your business processes.

Knowledge Base

Enhance team collaboration and data sharing with the 123worx Knowledge Base. This feature combines robust document management with a central hub for team interaction. Ideal for various business needs, it offers diverse avenues for team efficiency.

  • Central Hub: Combines document management with a central place for collaboration and data sharing.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for employee training, company processes, safety demonstrations, and as a collaborative notepad.
  • Built-in Applications: Includes tools for creating and managing company process charts and organizational charts.
  • Essential Tools: Provides various tools essential for everyday business management.
  • Efficiency and Streamlining: Enhances team efficiency and streamlines operations with user-friendly features.
Construction Business Management Software

Activities Management

Experience effortless “Activity Management” with 123worx’s construction project management platform, designed to streamline and track interactions with stakeholders across the construction lifecycle. From clients and trade partners to suppliers and employees, our tool ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Streamlined Tracking: Monitor interactions with clients, trade partners, suppliers, and employees.
  • Email Communication: Automatically track outbound emails and easily log inbound emails for each contact, lead, contractor or vendor within 123worx contactor software for small business.
  • Project-Specific Communication: Track emails on a per-project or per-lead basis for enhanced transparency and accountability.
  • Comprehensive Management: Manage tasks, phone calls, appointments, and more within a single, intuitive interface.
  • Organized and Informed: Stay in control of all your communication, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

With 123worx construction software, stay organized, informed, and in control of all your communication.

Contacts and Companies Database

123worx offers a comprehensive contact management system for both individual contacts and companies, designed to enhance your business operations.

  • Manage Subcontractors and Suppliers: Effortlessly manage subcontractors, trades, suppliers, and employees with a robust Contact Database.
  • Integrated Document Library: Store and manage all associated documents for each contact in their own integrated Document Library.
  • Communication Tracking: Keep a detailed record of all communications with each contact, ensuring efficient follow-ups.
  • Project Overview: Access a comprehensive view of the projects undertaken by any subcontractor, trade, or company employee.
  • Document Renewal Tracking: Never miss a renewal of insurance, certificates, and other critical documents.
  • Easy Data Migration: Utilize the 123worx data migration feature to effortlessly import data from other platforms via Excel upload, ensuring a smooth transition.

By providing a streamlined and efficient contact management solution, 123worx construction management software for small business helps you maintain organized and productive relationships with all your business contacts, making it an invaluable tool for your construction management needs.

contact management

On-Line Time Clock

The 123worx On-line Time Clock (or Punch Clock) is an essential tool for managing timesheets and payroll for hourly employees, trades or simply tracking worker time on a project.

  • Mobile App Check-in: Employees can check-in and check-out using the intuitive 123worx Mobile App with a simple click.
  • Geo-Location Recording: Each time stamp is recorded with geo-location, ensuring employees can only claim time when physically on-site, increasing productivity and accountability.
  • Paperless Timesheets: Eliminate the need for paper timesheets with online approval and seamless data transfer to QuickBooks for hassle-free payroll management.
  • Project Manager Entry: Project managers can easily enter daily hours for their crew, ensuring accurate time tracking.
  • Efficient Payroll Management: Streamline your time tracking and payroll processes with the efficient and reliable 123worx On-line Time Clock.

Try 123worx construction management software for small and medium business to avail these all features.

Construction Business Management Software
Construction Business Management Software

Sales Quotas and Commission

123worx Construction Project Management Software for small business made easily track and manage sales quotas and commission associated with sales. Track the upgrades for sales commission on all projects during design and post sale.

Marketing Campaigns & Lists For Small Businesses

The 123worx construction platform includes a built-in Marketing Campaign feature, allowing you to effortlessly create mailing lists from your Contact Database, Lead Generation lists, and Projects.

  • Effortless Mailing Lists: Easily create mailing lists using data from your Contact Database, Lead Generation lists, and Projects.
  • Integration with SendGrid: Seamlessly integrate with SendGrid to send thousands of emails without worrying about getting caught in spam filters.

Enhanced Marketing Efforts: Improve your marketing efforts and reach your audience effectively with 123worx’s powerful Campaign List tools.

Construction Business Management Software
Construction Business Management Software

HR Management

123worx Software provides a basic HR Management feature tailored for small businesses.

  • Company HR Policies: Easily manage your company HR policies to ensure consistency and compliance.
  • HR Protocols: Streamline HR protocols for efficient management of employee-related tasks and processes.
  • Meetings and Action Plans: Organize meetings and create action plans to address HR-related issues and initiatives.
  • Employee Reviews: Conduct employee reviews seamlessly within the platform, enabling structured feedback and performance evaluation.
  • Streamlined Processes: With 123worx, streamline HR processes to ensure your team stays organized and compliant with company standards.

Safety Management Center

The 123worx construction management software for small contractors platform offers a dedicated Safety Management area to oversee your company’s safety policies, including comprehensive company-wide safety protocols.

  • Safety Protocols Oversight: Manage and oversee your company’s safety policies with ease.
  • Comprehensive Safety Protocols: Access comprehensive company-wide safety protocols to ensure compliance and safety standards.
  • Custom Safety Inspections: Conduct custom safety inspections based on your company’s specific requirements.

Give 123worx a try to manage your small and medium construction business. 

safety management 123worx

123worx Construction Project Management Software for SMBs FAQs

How can 123worx software benefit my small construction business?

123worx construction business management software offers numerous advantages to small construction businesses.

  • It helps centralize and organize project information, manage budgets and timelines, track expenses and invoices, streamline communication among team members, and create comprehensive reports – all while increasing productivity and increasing profitability.
  • Being an integrated software, you only pay one price for all the features. If you have several users who will only use partial features, 123worx offers a tiered price model.
Can I use 123worx construction business management software simultaneously for multiple projects?

Absolutely. 123worx construction business management software is designed to handle multiple projects of varying size and complexity simultaneously, making it the perfect software solution for small construction businesses, as the price does NOT change based on the number of projects. You can view the status of all the projects together or dig deeper into the details of each project.

Is 123worx construction business management software user-friendly?

123worx construction business management software is designed with users in mind. It features an intuitive user interface for quick and easy navigation, allowing quick access to information and tools needed for daily operations. If you can use Microsoft Excel and Word, you can use 123worx. Furthermore, 123worx offers the best training and support in the industry – even non-tech-savvy individuals should find 123worx easy to integrate into daily business operations seamlessly.

Can I customize 123worx construction business management tool to fit my specific business needs?

123worx recognizes that each construction business is unique, so our construction business management software is designed to be tailored specifically to you and your workflows, terminology, and reporting needs. 123worx is the only software in the market that lets users customize the application for the entire company and for each user. Users can customize each screen for easy use and higher productivity. Customizable reports, forms, templates, and fields ensure 123worx fits seamlessly with your business processes for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

What Features A Construction Software Must Have?

Here are top ten key features of Construction Management Software must have:

  1. Document Management System
  2. Estimation
  3. Change Order Management
  4. Purchase Order Management
  5. Invoicing
  6. Scheduling
  7. CRM or Sales Management
  8. Contact Management
  9. Time Sheet Management
  10. Accounting and Job Costing

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