Best Construction Project Management Software in 2024

Welcome to 123worx Construction Project Management Software, where efficiency meets flexibility. Our platform is designed to enhance your team’s productivity and streamline project management processes without disrupting your established workflows. With 123worx, you can effortlessly oversee every facet of your projects, from inception to warranty. You can manage your project from anywhere and anytime. Our goal is to keep your team aligned, organized, and empowered by centralizing all your project data in one accessible platform. Experience seamless project management with 123worx! Below is a description of some of the important features of 123worx, A Cloud Based Construction Project Management Software.

Blue Line

Document Management

Empower your project document management with 123worx’s robust feature set. Enjoy the ease of access with individual document libraries tailored for each feature, ensuring seamless organization and swift retrieval of files. Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 to edit, create, and collaborate on Word, Excel, and other Microsoft documents right from within the 123worx platform. Automatically create  your project document folder structure to align with your company’s unique processes. With customizable access controls, dictate precisely who can view specific documents, ensuring maximum security and control.



Document Management
Estimating - Material and Labor

Estimating – Material and Labor

Take charge of your project expenses with precision using 123worx construction project management software comprehensive Estimating feature. Whether you need detailed breakdowns or high-level cost summaries, our platform offers tailored solutions to suit your needs. Benefit from quick access to customizable estimate templates, enabling seamless creation of new estimates based on past projects. You can create a template for every model and elevation, ensuring you never have to create a similar estimate from scratch again. With integrated job costing capabilities, keep tabs on your budget in real-time, allowing you to make informed decisions and maintain project efficiency. Analyze costs per division, from foundation to roofing, using multiple views including the division view. Leverage our custom cost database to effortlessly substitute items, ensuring accuracy and adaptability throughout the estimation process.

Custom Proposal Reports

Transform your offering into powerful proposal and secure more contracts with 123worx’s Custom Proposal Report feature. Create compelling proposals that not only showcase your company’s identity but also exude professionalism and coherence every time. Personalize each proposal to align with your brand’s aesthetics effortlessly. With the flexibility to toggle between different parameters, including estimate items, prices, quantities, and additional details, you have full control over how your proposal looks and feels. By integrating drawings and photos directly into your proposals, you provide visual context that enhances understanding and ensures alignment with your clients.

Seamlessly generate Custom Contract documents within the same interface, streamlining your workflow and maximizing efficiency. With 123worx, every proposal and contract reflects the caliber and excellence of your company’s offerings.

123worx Custom Proposal Reports
Budget Tracking

Budget Tracking and Job Costing

Elevate your financial management and project profitability with 123worx’s Budget Tracking and Job Costing capabilities. Take charge of your project finances with precision by tracking detail costing for every line item, ensuring absolute accuracy and transparency at every stage. Whether you prefer to track granular details or focus on high-level job costing, 123worx a Best Construction Project Management Software empowers you with flexible options tailored to your needs. Monitor cost variances across all categories effortlessly, allowing you to compare estimates against actual expenses and swiftly identify areas that needs attention. With real-time insights at your fingertips, you’ll always be informed about whether your projects are exceeding, meeting, or falling short of budget targets. This proactive approach enables you to make informed decisions to steer your current projects toward success and lay the groundwork for future endeavors.

Change Order Management

Empower your project team with seamless Change Order Management through 123worx, your ultimate solution for maintaining clarity and accountability throughout the project journey. Easily track every modification to the scope of work from the original contract, ensuring transparency and minimizing errors and disputes. Stay in the loop with real-time updates on Change Order status, enabling you to monitor progress effortlessly. Provide stakeholders with comprehensive Change Order reports that showcase every adjustment and its impact on the project, giving a professional and transparent overview. Foster collaboration and transparency by tracking all communication and streamlining the approval process for Change Orders, ensuring alignment among all parties involved. With 123worx, managing Change Orders has never been more easy, efficient or effective, leading to smoother project execution and enhanced client satisfaction.




Change Order Management
web based construction project management software

Purchase Order Management

Maximize financial control and streamline Contractor Management with 123worx’s Purchase Order Management. Track every job expense seamlessly with Purchase Order integration with the Job Costing to ensure accurate budget tracking. With Purchase Orders easily accessible within the budget, authorized project personnel can stay informed at every stage. Collaborate effortlessly with suppliers and subcontractors using the built-in tool, enhancing transparency and efficiency in job cost tracking. Leverage the Trade Partner Portal and Request for Proposal features for seamless Contractor Management, facilitating smooth communication and collaboration. Keep stakeholders updated on job progress with Purchase Order Status updates, fostering transparency and accountability. Provide clients and stakeholders with professional-looking purchase order reports branded with your company logo. With 123worx Construction Project Management Software, Purchase Order Management becomes a powerful tool for enhancing project control and client satisfaction.


Empower your project team and master project timelines with 123worx’s advanced Scheduling feature. Whether you’re managing a complex project with intricate timelines or overseeing multiple projects simultaneously, our Scheduling tool offers the flexibility and precision you need. Choose from a range of scheduling options, including detailed Gantt Charts, intuitive Calendar views, or straightforward list formats, to visualize your project timelines effectively. With integrated Auto email functionality, stakeholders stay informed with timely updates on schedule changes, ensuring seamless communication and alignment across the project team. Our intuitive mobile app enables field workers to update task progress in real-time, promoting collaboration between office and field teams for efficient project execution. Leverage critical path analysis to identify potential delays and mitigate risks, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget. With 123worx’s easy-to-use job scheduling feature, you can optimize project efficiency and drive success from start to finish.

Selection Sheets

Selection Sheets

Simplify selection and elevate client collaboration with 123worx’s Selection Sheets feature. Seamlessly create selection sheets integrated directly with your estimate/contract, ensuring accuracy and alignment throughout the project lifecycle. Clients can conveniently view selections with photos and complete the process online at their leisure. They can save their progress for future sessions and submit their finalized selections to the project team. Comments on each line facilitate clear communication between the client and the project team, enhancing efficiency. Generate professional Selection PDF reports complete with signatures and photos, offering comprehensive documentation for contracts and sharing with contractors. With 123worx a best construction project management software for small business, streamline the selection process and enhance client satisfaction through improved communication and transparency.

Daily Logs

Enhance project documentation and streamline data capture with 123worx construction project management software for small and medium business’ comprehensive Daily Logs feature. From Equipment Tracking to Quantity Tracking, Survey Logs, and Custom Updates, our platform offers versatile logging capabilities to capture crucial project information effortlessly. With weather stamps integrated into daily logs, gain valuable context for project activities and delays, ensuring accuracy and clarity in record-keeping. Our user-friendly mobile app enables on-the-go logging, empowering field teams to create logs conveniently and accurately from any location. Effortlessly generate detailed reports to gain comprehensive insights into project progress and activities, facilitating collaboration with clients and informed decision-making and effective communication across teams. With 123worx, maintain meticulous documentation and stay organized throughout the project lifecycle, driving efficiency and success.

123worx Daily Logs Phone
Time Sheet on Mobile App

Time Sheet on Mobile App

Efficiently monitor employee time spent on each project with 123worx’s comprehensive online Time Sheet management feature. Employees can submit Time Sheets with a convenient Punch-In and Punch-Out option, or project supervisors can add them at the end of the day or week for their crew. For more detailed information on Time Sheet Management, please refer to the Business Management and Mobile App sections.


Warranty Management

Streamline post-project responsibilities with 123worx’s robust Warranty Management feature. Track and assign warranty requests with precision, ensuring prompt resolution and client satisfaction. Stay ahead of maintenance needs by effortlessly managing warranty expiration and start dates. Seamlessly create Pre-delivery Inspection and formal Work Orders for both in-house and external workers directly within the platform, streamlining the process for addressing warranty issues. Enhance documentation with integrated photo capabilities, providing visual context and clarity for all warranty-related matters. With 123worx, stay organized and proactive in fulfilling your warranty obligations, delivering exceptional post-project service to your clients.


Resource Management

Optimize your workforce and simplify task management with 123worx’s Resource Management tools. Whether you’re overseeing the tasks of an individual or managing a team, our platform offers powerful features to boost productivity and accountability. Tailor dashboards to your unique requirements, gaining clear visibility into resource allocation and task status. Allocate resources strategically to maximize efficiency and meet project deadlines. Utilize Resource Leveling capabilities to evenly distribute workloads and prevent team burnout. With 123worx, take charge of your resources and elevate your project performance.


Asset and Resource Tracking

Take control of your project assets and resources effortlessly with 123worx’s Asset and Resource Management features. Keep track of asset usage history for each project, ensuring comprehensive oversight and accountability. Leverage 123worx’s master list of assets to maintain records on warranties, costs, service dates, current locations, and more, simplifying asset management processes. Capture detailed equipment usage with Daily Logs equipment tracking, offering hourly insights into resource utilization. Seamlessly schedule company assets through the asset calendar, optimizing resource allocation and availability. With best construction management software, maintain control over your assets and resources, enhancing efficiency and project success.


Punch List and Work Order Management

Efficiently manage project inspections and task assignments with 123worx’s cloud-based construction management software Punch List and Work Order features. Ensure every detail is accounted for, no matter how small. Easily create and oversee punch list items, complete with photo documentation for clear communication. Generate comprehensive Pre-delivery Inspection reports for thorough quality assurance. Seamlessly convert punch list items into actionable Work Orders, expediting resolution and task assignment. Empower field teams to address tasks on-the-go via our Mobile App, facilitating efficient execution and real-time updates. With 123worx, enhance project accountability and optimize post-construction processes for superior project outcomes and client satisfaction.


Site and Safety Inspection

Ensure project safety and compliance with 123worx’s built-in Site and Safety inspections. Customize inspections to match your workflow or specific processes, empowering users to address site-specific requirements efficiently. Streamline inspection scheduling and documentation, enhancing project oversight and accountability. With 123worx cloud based construction project management software, prioritize safety and regulatory compliance, safeguarding your projects and personnel at every step.


Other Important Project Management Features

  • Site workplace safety management
  • Contract management
  • Permit management
  • Project information
  • Project dates
  • Commission
  • Financial payment schedule
  • Activities
  • Meetings
  • Registry
  • Checklists
  • Tender document
  • Requests for information
  • Routes
  • Client proposals
  • High-security mobile site management
  • In-project communication and collaboration
  • Purchase orders
  • Work orders
  • Request for proposals
  • Vendor credits
  • Change order
  • Client credits
  • Invoices
  • Site inspections
  • In project Document Library
  • Notes
  • Safety inspections and incident reporting
  • HR management
  • Reviews

Construction Software FAQs

Why use construction project management software?

Even though it is possible to manage a project without a proper web based Construction Management Software, doing so increases the risk of errors and inefficiencies in the process. The probability of errors and inefficiencies is directly proportional to the number of projects managed at a time.

While spreadsheets can be used for project tracking, it takes a significant amount of time and effort leading to errors and inefficiencies. Construction Project Management Software facilitates data visibility and collaboration. Spreadsheets must be re-saved and re-uploaded to a central location for the rest of the team to see the update.

How should I determine the reasonable price that my company can pay for the Construction Management Software?

The sole purpose of any business is to create wealth for its owner/shareholders. In construction, business wealth is created based on the number of successful projects and the percentage of profit made from the project. Errors and inefficiencies in the business leads to decline in profits. Good construction management software should eliminate the errors and inefficiencies and lead to higher profit. Business owners must analyze the savings and make decisions based on how much more profit they will get by using the software. This will also determine the cost one is willing to pay for the software.

Efficiencies comes in many forms:

  • Time – If using software will save 15% of the time for an eight-employee company, that translates to 1.2 employees. At an average annual salary of $50,000 that translates to $60,000 per annum.
  • Error Elimination – Errors occur with data recording or data modification on spreadsheets or paper-based management. There are no checks and balances to catch these errors. Charging more for a product will most likely be caught by the client but charging less or forgetting to charge will not be reported. For most businesses these errors go undetected and when they are detected they are left unreported by employees because of negative consequences. Eliminating or reducing these errors will lead to higher margins.
  • Communication – Lack of clear communication and the lack of ability to track the communication, leads to inefficiencies and lower satisfaction in clients. For example, ordering the wrong colored item over the phone or via email or verbal communication with a client that leads to unrealistic expectations that cannot be tracked. Software that provides a mechanism for clear communication that can be tracked eliminates the order errors and leads higher client satisfaction, higher retention rate and higher profit.
What are the benefits of construction project management software?

Regardless of organizational size or industry, project management software is beneficial to all companies that manage construction projects.

Adopting construction project management software can benefit any company that requires an efficient method of estimating, planning, tracking, delivering, and billing for their services. It enables you to design, implement, and manage effective and efficient processes for your team and business. Remember, efficiency is directly proportional to profitability.

When should you invest in construction management software?

When deadlines are missed, processes are broken, and miscommunication occurs, it makes sense to invest in construction project management software.

For best results, one should invest in software before it becomes critical. While it can be difficult to predict when you will outgrow more basic tools, such as spreadsheets, here are three indicators that it is time to invest in better solution.

  • Miscommunication – A misunderstanding with a client based on verbal or email communication that cannot be tracked. For example, spending hours searching for emails to track past communication. The amount of time wasted on this is difficult to track but easy to fix with proper software.
  • Missing Deadlines – Nothing impacts clients more negatively than missing deadlines. A good scheduling tool will keep all parties informed and organized so that delays are mitigated, and deadlines are met.
  • Indispensable Employees – If your business is dependent on certain employees and it will suffer heavily in the event they leave, you must invest in construction management software. You are relying on your employees to use their processes and expertise. Good software will make processes transparent and easy to teach to new employees. For example, an amazing estimator that has developed a spreadsheet with embedded formulas that only he/she understands can be replaced easily if all the work is done in software. Remember, a good software vendor is always there to provide support and onboard new employees.
How much does Construction Project Management Software cost?

The cost of Construction Project Management Software, also known as Project Management Software for construction, varies. There are several factors to consider while assessing the cost of Construction Management Software for your business:

  1. Requirements – Make a list of your current and immediate future requirements. Most users are unaware of what is offered by various packages on the market. As a user, one should look for a software that meets all your requirements today and will be good for you 3-5 years down the road. Note that most people buy the cheapest software available to them based on their limited knowledge of their own requirements. This is the most expensive mistake buyers make as it leads to a loss of time and productivity due nonfunctional software and in many cases going back to the old methods such as spreadsheets.
  2. Payment Terms – There are dozens of payment mechanisms and plans adopted by the various vendors:
    1. Installed Software offers one time purchase with maintenance plans. This was the only mechanism at one time, but it is extinct now. Only few enterprises and specialty software offer this option. This is now limited to software purchased by very large corporations.
    2. Per User Per Month is the most common method, also known as Software As A Service (SaaS). The buyer pays per user per month and are allowed to add or delete the number of users anytime (some restrictions may apply). Software upgrades and support is included in the monthly cost. Most Cloud based software offer this mechanism.
    3. Concurrent Users is where the vendor allows the buyer to setup an account for all the users but only allows a few users to use the software at one time. This was the mechanism used in the days when computing power and speed of the software was an issue, but some vendors are still practicing it. This is a kind trap, as the buyer ends up getting a license for only a few concurrent users, only to realize they need more concurrent users once they start using the software and end up paying hefty amount for additional users.
    4. Number of Projects – Some vendors charge based on the number of distinct projects executed on software per month/year. This may work well for custom home builder with the capacity to build say 30 homes per year, but it will not work for production builder where a single subdivision can easily go over 100 projects. Similarly, renovation companies can execute hundreds of small projects in a year.
    5. Other Mechanisms – There are other similar mechanisms used by the software vendors. The buyer must access these offerings based on their current and future requirements.
    6. Best Option for most companies is when they know the exact amount they will pay for number of users regardless the number of projects. All paid users should have the option to use the software anytime. The sole purpose of the Construction Management Software is to enhance productivity and that will only happen if most people in an organization are collaborating using the software. Innovative companies offer price structure where a higher number of users leads to lower cost per user.
  3.  Cost – There are several construction software that cost a few hundred dollars all the way to hundreds of thousands per month. Make sure the software you choose offers all the functionality in the quoted price based on your need today and in the near future. Almost all the construction management software charge monthly fee (see above) along with a onetime setup and onboarding fee.
    1. Entry Level Software – The cost is a few hundred dollars per month for limited functionality plus a one-time setup fee that will range in two to five thousand dollars. The setup and onboarding will normally take two to three days of training.
    2. Advanced Professional Software – The cost is a few hundred dollars per month for a very limited functionality to thousands of dollars per month as a user adds more functionality. A one-time setup fee will range in tens of thousands of dollars. The setup and onboarding will take two to six months depending upon the size and complexity of your business.
    3. Software for growth companies – There are few software companies that offer a complete end-to-end software at the cost of entry-level software and provide functionality closer to the professional software. It will normally take couple of working days to setup and train the users.

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