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Construction Management Software

Streamline your construction projects with our job management system designed for maximum efficiency and seamless team coordination.

Understanding Your Project Challenges

Managing construction jobs can be like a complex puzzle. Missed deadlines, miscommunication, and disorganized workflows are common pains that can derail a project. Our job management solution comes with many tools that turn chaos into order, ensuring every piece fits perfectly into your project timeline.

Real-time Job Scheduling

With Gantt Charts and Calendar Views, our Job management feature lets you schedule, track, and adjust jobs and specific activities in real-time, keeping projects on track and stakeholders in the loop.

Automated Workflow for Efficiency

Improve productivity with auto-assign tasks, auto send emails, reminders, and updates. Our system ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, from initial planning to project completion.

Collaboration and Communication

Enhance team synergy with tools designed for effective collaboration. Collaborate with key stakeholders including contractors, suppliers, trade partners, clients and employees. From the field to the office, ensure clear communication and accountability with every job.

Discover the 123worx Difference

Join the ranks of construction professionals who have transformed their job management with 123worx. Experience the power, flexibility, and efficiency of our cloud-based construction management software.

123worx Task Management is your central hub for job coordination. It’s built for the construction industry to bridge gaps, tighten timelines, and deliver projects successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does task / job management software improve project delivery times?

By providing real-time updates and automated workflows, job management software ensures that all team members are aligned and tasks are completed efficiently, reducing delays and enhancing delivery times.

Can I customize the task / job views to match my project needs?

Absolutely! Our platform offers customizable views based on a specific job, action, resource, status (plus a lot more) and can be tailored to the specific requirements of your project or an opportunity, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Is there mobile app support for task / job management on the go?

Yes, our mobile app brings the full power of task management to your mobile device, allowing you to view, manage, and update tasks from anywhere, at any time.

What kind of training is provided for new users of the 123worx project management system?

We offer comprehensive one-on-one training via Zoom and additional materials, including video tutorials, webinars, and ongoing customer support, to ensure you can leverage the full potential of our project management system.

How does your project management system handle changes in project scope?

Our system is designed to adapt to changes swiftly with our comprehensive Estimates and Change Order Management. With easy-to-update schedules and automatic notifications, you can manage scope changes without losing track of your project’s progress.