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Elevate your document management with 123worx, where organizing, accessing, and sharing construction documents becomes effortlessly efficient.

Tackling Document Disarray

In construction, managing a myriad of documents can be daunting. Lost files, outdated versions, and disorganized document trails are common challenges. 123worx’s Document Control streamlines this process, ensuring every document is right where you need it, when you need it. Within 123worx, each feature is equipped with its own dedicated Document Library tool, enhancing accessibility. Whether a document has been inactive for months or years, you can efficiently retrieve it within seconds.

Centralized Document Library

To manage non-project documents, our company-wide Document Library feature centralizes all your documents, photos, and videos, providing a single source of truth for your entire team. Role-based access control keeps your data secure yet accessible with control and flexibility.

Seamless Integration with Office 365

Effortlessly create, edit, share, and view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Our integration takes advantage of Microsoft’s advanced Version Control system to help retrieve older versions of documents with a single click. Our integration with Office 365 ensures your document workflow is as smooth as your project workflow.

Real-Time Collaboration and Updates

Collaborate in real-time with team members, whether in the office or on-site. Keep everyone on the same page with up-to-date document versions and shared access.

Organized, Accessible, and Secure

Enjoy organized document storage with easy retrieval. Our robust security measures protect your sensitive project information while maintaining easy accessibility for authorized personnel.

Say goodbye to document management headaches with 123worx. Our Document Control feature not only saves time but also enhances collaboration, ensuring your project documentation is as solid as your build.

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Join the ranks of construction professionals who have transformed their financial management with 123worx. Experience the power, flexibility, and efficiency of our cloud-based construction management software.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does 123worx’s Document Management enhance project management?

By providing a dedicated Document Library for each feature and a centralized and easily accessible company-wide document library for company documents, to ensure all stakeholders have the latest information, reducing errors and improving decision-making.

Can I control who accesses certain documents?

Absolutely. Our role-based access control lets you manage who can view, edit, or modify documents, ensuring data security and integrity.

Is it possible to migrate or import existing documents from different platforms into 123worx?

Yes, 123worx allows for easy migration of documents from various platforms. Integration with Office 365 ensures a seamless transition and unified document management for Microsoft documents.

Does 123worx support real-time collaboration on documents?

Yes, our integration with Office 365 enables multiple users to edit and collaborate on documents in real-time, enhancing team coordination and project efficiency.

How does 123worx ensure the security of my project documents?

We employ robust security protocols, including Multi-Factor Authentication for login, monitor for unauthorized data download, and live log of system access by all users. 123worx also provides role-based access controls to protect your documents from unauthorized access and ensure data privacy.