Enterprise Level Management

Allows complete enterprise level management control of instances of 123worx in multi divisions, various cities, states and countries​.

ERP Integration

123worx allows integration of the company’s existing ERP system using industry standard API.  Data mapping from existing ERP software to 123worx will make it easy to control project finances and other critical aspects.

Integration With Off-The-Shelf Apps

123worx is adaptive to the construction ecosystem allowing integration of off-the-shelf cloud applications using open API. This allows enterprise to keep using their favorite software by integrating with 123worx. For eg. Office 365.

Custom Development

123worx offers enterprise clients the option of custom development to align 123worx with the company’s existing and new business processes.

Automation Tools

123worx provides a pack of powerful automation tools such as auto tasks, auto schedule emails and auto workflow and sophisticated templates to enable company-wide workflow automation.

Custom Dashboards

Integrated Custom Dashboards with live data is a powerful tool for integrated Metrics and Business Analysis. Client has the option to integrate BI. ​Enterprise Dashboards provides real-time live reports for executive management and decision makers​.

High Security

123worx is a highly secure system with multi-level security including Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure Active Directory Authentication, two factor authentication, Security role based access data and functionality and live security audit.

Custom User Screen Configuration

Flexible system provides option to every user to configure each and very screen making 123worx highly productive.

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