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Collaboration Management Software

Effective collaboration is key to reducing or even eliminating construction errors and increasing business efficiency. 123worx provides a feature-rich construction collaboration management software that will enhance collaboration in project teams and between employees. In addition, 123worx offers robust and easy-to-use tools to collaborate seamlessly with clients and trade partners.
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CRM Collaboration

123worx’s CRM offers a suite of features to share client data, meetings and on-going communication. It helps sales teams to work together to seamlessly manage the client acquisition from a shared platform. Advanced meetings management protocol and customize-able templates will help in expedited response to the potential customers.

Document Collaboration

Integration of Office 365 with 123worx’s construction collaboration management software makes it easy to share and collaborate with Word, Excel, and Power Point documents. Multiple users can edit a same document regardless of their location. Each user can see the other users using and editing the document.

Construction Collaboration Management Software
Construction Collaboration Management Software

Office 365 Integration

Outlook and 123worx email and Calendar – Office 365 integration with 123worx makes simple to use Outlook. All the meetings created, and the emails received or sent in Outlook transparently synced with the 123worx mail and vice versa. 123worx has created custom plugins to track emails in 123worx from outlook with a click of mouse.

Group Calendar

Setup multiuser meetings in seconds and without going back and forth with multiple emails to figure out a suitable time. View up to five live calendars of authorized users at a time. Use day, week, month or the Gantt chart view. Meetings are automatically synced with mobile devices.

Consolidated Meetings

View all the companywide meetings. 123worx provides the tool to manage all the company meetings using advanced meetings management protocol and customize-able templates.

Video Conferencing

Integrated MS Teams makes it a breeze to communicate with colleagues, trade partners, clients or suppliers using audio, video and presentations. Powerful document sharing and other features in Teams makes it easy to collaborate with one user or a whole team.

Construction Collaboration Management Software x Microsoft Teams
Construction Collaboration Management Software is being used by a construction manager

Trade Partner Portal

Trade Partner Portal allows your team to collaborate with Trade partners without getting a subscription for them. 123worx allows sharing – Schedules, RFP, Purchase Order, Change Orders, Invoices and other project documents. In addition, engage trade partners for letters of reference, reviews on internet, referrals and surveys with 123worx.

Client Portal

Collaborate with clients and engage them for the construction project life cycle using the client portal. Share selected documents and data and get the feedback. This includes but not limited to Schedules, Design Documents, Change orders Progress and Billing, letters of reference, reviews on internet, referrals and customer surveys.

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