Automation to Enhance Productivity

123worx’s suite of productivity tools help automate project management, sales management and business management to reduce mundane tasks and reduce errors, leading to enhanced productivity. 123worx has a competitive advantage with its fully integrated platform with common data that allows the offering of features such as auto workflow. Auto workflow (auto emails and auto tasks), integrated applications and smart templates are the best known tools in the software industry for enhanced productivity and leading to higher profit margins.

Auto Workflow

123worx increases productivity and construction business efficiency by allowing workflow automation through auto tasks & auto emails that are triggered by an event (E.g. start of project)

Auto Emails

Auto email allows user to send predefined emails that are triggered by an event in the system. The event can be a preset date, a change in schedule or an incoming email request.

Auto Tasks

Auto tasks can be preassigned to resources so that when triggered, tasks are automatically distributed with the appropriate details.

Email Tracking

123worx allows tracking of emails from 123worx email or Outlook, making it easy to follow emails with clients, trade partners or contacts with a single click of mouse.


123worx provides a suite of sophisticate templates to make it easier for users to set up a new project or respond to a sales email. Examples of templates include email, estimate, schedule, checklist, inspection, contract report, payment schedule.

Automated Business Processes

123worx provides the ability to create fully customizable business process charts and organizational charts that can be linked automatically with the user profiles to help manage resources efficiently.

Automated Checklists

123worx allows users to create checklists with automated tasks assigned to users, contacts and trades with a click of mouse. Checklists can be project specific or used to setup company process. For example, user can setup an automated checklist for a simple ‘Sales call’ or comprehensive ‘Drawings review process’.

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