Cloud-Based Construction Project Management Software

123worx offers a suite of powerful tools designed to automate project management, sales, and business management, helping construction companies reduce mundane tasks and minimize errors. Our cloud-based construction project management software stands out with its fully integrated software, providing common data for seamless workflows, integrated applications, and smart templates. These features are renowned in the industry for boosting productivity and increasing profit margins. Discover how 123worx’s Productivity Tools can streamline your construction management processes and transform your workflow. Explore the full potential of 123worx and elevate your construction management to the next level.

Blue Line

Communication Tracking

Maintain comprehensive records of all communication.

  • Track all emails, phone calls, appointments, tasks, messaging, and marketing campaigns generated from the 123worx platform.
  • Track incoming email with a click of a mouse.
  • Track every email, task, appointment and phone call with sender, date, time, owner, and status etc.


Simplify processes with sophisticated templates.

  • Use templates to create project budgets, estimates, schedules, proposals, emails, checklists, inspections, contract reports, payment schedules, and daily log surveys.
  • Customize templates for specific client needs, saving time and reducing repetitive data entry.
cloud-based construction project management software
cloud-based construction project management software

Auto Emails

Effortlessly manage communication with automated emails.

  • Send predefined email bodies customized with variable fields automatically inserted in the email body like client name, project name, address and many more.
  • Trigger emails by system events or schedule them (e.g., project start/end, warranty expiration, daily/weekly updates to stakeholders).

Online Selection Process

Simplify the material selection process for clients.

  • Allow clients to go through the selection process in the comfort of their home with family.
  • Seamless communication channel with the builder via a built-in messaging app associated with each selection.
  • Clients can save, review and submit final selections at their convenience.


Enhance workflow with automated checklists.

  • Generate checklists with tasks assigned to users, contacts, trades and other users.
  • Create project-specific or generic checklists for company processes (e.g., sales calls, drawing reviews, project starts).

Auto Tasks

Boost productivity with automated task management.

  • Preassign tasks to resources, triggered by events or milestones.
  • Automatically send detailed tasks to assigned users (e.g., reminders, work assignments, status updates).

QuickBooks Integration

Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks for real-time data exchange.

  • Eliminate double entry by integrating timesheets, invoices, purchase orders, and bill payments with cost codes directly into QuickBooks.
cloud-based construction project management software

Office 365 Integration

Leverage the power of Microsoft suite within 123worx.

  • Use Outlook, create, open, edit, or delete Microsoft documents directly in 123worx with real-time sync.
  • Access 100 GB of OneDrive storage that comes with MS 365 account and use Teams directly from 123worx platform.

Gmail and Third-Party Email Integration

  • Integrate seamlessly with Gmail or any third-party email provider.

Time Off Calendar for Employees

Manage employee time off efficiently.

  • Employees can request vacation, medical appointments, or sick leave.
  • Provides a clear picture of resource availability for management and project managers.
  • Streamline the approval process for time off requests.

Business Process Charts

Optimize resource management with customizable charts.

  • Create fully customizable business process and organizational charts.
  • Automatically link charts with the 123worx user profile for efficient resource management.


What is included in 123worx Auto Workflow?

Auto Workflow is a mechanism designed to create an action based on specific triggers. 123worx provides a comprehensive set of triggers across the project lifespan to facilitate the creation of auto workflows.
Below is a list of some of the workflow items. Users can initiate a preset email or task based on any of these triggers.

  • Creation of new project in 123worx
  • Start date of a project
  • Project shared with the client on a Client-Portal
  • Key Project Milestone achieved as defined by the user
  • Project completion
  • Upon warranty expiry date of the project
  • Automatic delivery of scheduled email from the Project Schedule
  • Notification on Mobile App on any change in the schedule
  • Welcome email upon the creation of new Opportunity in CRM
How does 123worx manage the project resources such as Trades, Employees, Vendors and Subcontractors?

123worx offers an innovative tool called Resource Action Plan. As the name suggests, it helps manage all tasks and assigns them to company resources on a single dashboard. Users can manage tasks for a specific day or a time range chosen by them. Designed based on client feedback, Resource Action Plan is a game changer in enhancing productivity.

How does 123worx templates help increase productivity?

Even though no two businesses have the same processes, once the processes are implemented, the work becomes repetitive. For example, an estimate for a house will contain the same items with different dimensions and associated costs. Similarly, a trade providing masonry services will include the same items in every estimate but with varying dimensions and costs. Creating an estimate from scratch for every project is a productivity drain. However, creating a template once will make it a breeze to generate a new estimate. Below is a list of some of the templates offered by 123worx:

  • Estimates
  • Emails
  • Schedules
  • Check Lists
  • Proposals
  • Surveys
  • Inspections
  • Opportunity (Lead)
  • Employee Performance Review
  • Payment Schedule
  • Meeting Agenda
How does 123worx helps track communication?

123worx offers a comprehensive communication tracking tool. For instance, all outgoing emails from 123worx are automatically tracked within the software. Additionally, incoming emails can be tracked directly from the software. Below are the communication channels that are tracked in 123worx:

  • Emails
  • Internal Messaging
  • Tasks
  • Phone call log
  • Appointments

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