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Welcome to the most comprehensive cloud-based construction management software platform for both residential and commercial projects. 123worx cloud-based construction management software, we offer the flexibility and power to seamlessly manage diverse construction projects, ensuring efficiency and scalability.

123worx Construction Software Features:

1. Unmatched Accessibility: Your Projects, Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud software is compatible with Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone, providing 24/7 data availability. Whether you’re in the office, on-site, or working remotely, your project information is always accessible. With no need for servers or hardware, enjoy a cost-effective, secure solution.

2. Streamlined Workflow: Automation Meets Customization

Experience end-to-end business and project workflow optimization with our integrated platform. Auto workflow features, including Communication Tracking, Automated Emails, and auto tasks, and auto-emails, combined with flexible templates to enhance productivity.

3. Tailored User Experience: Your Dashboard, Your Way

Every user can personalize their application screens, focusing on the data most relevant to their role. This user-friendly design ensures ease of learning and enhances productivity, making 123worx as straightforward as using MS Office.

4. Seamless Integration: Expanding Capabilities

123worx integrates effortlessly with a range of cloud applications, from specialized construction tools to business and communication apps like Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Google Maps, Gmail, Teams and QuickBooks.

5. Empower Your Team: Complete Project Control

Gain total control over every project and aspect of your business. Our powerful platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including Sales Management, Financial Management, Collaboration Tools, Reporting & Analytics, and Project Scheduling.

6. Migration Made Easy: Transition with Confidence

Migrate from your existing software to 123worx effortlessly. Our platform allows easy import of company and project data, supported by our dedicated team to ensure a smooth transition.

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