Cloud-Based Construction Management: Revolutionizing Project Efficiency

Construction Management Software for General Contractors

Construction Management Software

Welcome to the most comprehensive cloud-based construction management software platform for both residential and commercial projects. At 123worx, we offer the flexibility and power to seamlessly manage diverse construction projects, ensuring efficiency and scalability.

Unmatched Accessibility: Your Projects, Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud software is compatible with Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone, providing 24/7 data availability. Whether you’re in the office, on-site, or working remotely, your project information is always accessible. With no need for servers or hardware, enjoy a cost-effective, secure solution.

Streamlined Workflow: Automation Meets Customization

Experience end-to-end business and project workflow optimization with our integrated platform. Auto workflow features, including Communication Tracking, Automated Emails, and auto tasks, and auto-emails, combined with flexible templates to enhance productivity.

Tailored User Experience: Your Dashboard, Your Way

Every user can personalize their application screens, focusing on the data most relevant to their role. This user-friendly design ensures ease of learning and enhances productivity, making 123worx as straightforward as using MS Office.

Seamless Integration: Expanding Capabilities

123worx integrates effortlessly with a range of cloud applications, from specialized construction tools to business and communication apps like Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Google Maps, Gmail, Teams and QuickBooks.

Empower Your Team: Complete Project Control

Gain total control over every project and aspect of your business. Our powerful platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including Sales Management, Financial Management, Collaboration Tools, Reporting & Analytics, and Project Scheduling.

Migration Made Easy: Transition with Confidence

Migrate from your existing software to 123worx effortlessly. Our platform allows easy import of company and project data, supported by our dedicated team to ensure a smooth transition.

Discover the 123worx Difference

Join the ranks of construction professionals who have transformed their project management with 123worx. Experience the power, flexibility, and efficiency of our cloud-based construction management software.

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